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Discerning Customers Look for Humboldt Grassfed Beef

Certified or not, many organic operations raise their animals in confinement and feed them grain and other feedstuffs rather than the healthy diet nature intended.

Whether the grain is raised organically or conventionally feeding large amounts of grain to cattle compromises the health of the animal and reduces the nutritional value of the meat.

Looking for Humboldt Grassfed Beef ensures that you are getting beef known to be wholesome, healthy and great tasting.  So look for the Humboldt Grassfed Beef label in your favorite grocery store! 

Our Practices

HGB sells carcass beef to retail outlets. In this way, we believe we are helping the meat dept become a truly full-scale meat market. Carcasses are dry aged 14-21 days. Skilled butchers break each carcass in-house instead of being mechanically deboned at the large industrial slaughterhouses. Ground beef comes from a single source and is ground daily thus insuring food safety and freshness. Our meat markets can be confident that HGB is safe and wholesome. We are in complete control of each individual animal and maintain the highest standards our customers have come to expect and trust.

The Sonoma Market has a large following of customers who shop with quality, health, and social responsibility as their primary considerations. Humboldt Grassfed Beef has become a staple for these people. It is a local product, which is the result of sound environmental practices and humane animal husbandry practices. Plus it is a product of high quality noted for being a healthy alternative to conventional feedlot beef. Barry Shone, Meat Department Manager
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Locations: Cotati, Montecito, Stony Point  
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North Coast Co-op appreciates the relationship we've enjoyed for more than ten years with Humboldt Grassfed Beef and the Mora family. The quality of their products and the integrity that they exhibit in their business practices make them an ideal partner for an organization like ours. We believe that Humboldt Grassfed Beef offers the best quality available, with great taste and superior nutritional value, raised locally in a sustainable manner... how great is that! It is a key product offering that helps differentiate the Co-op in our marketplace.David Lippman, General Manager
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Located in Laytonville, CA

SunnyBrae, Cutten, Blue Lake, Trinidad & Westwood.
- Andy Bunnell, Meat Manager

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Located in Occidental, CA

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Our Beef is also served at these fine restaurants:

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Arcata Pizza & Deli     Six Rivers Brewery     Humboldt Brews     Angelo’s Pizza     Las Cazuelas    

The Peg House     Amelia’s     Los Bagels     Catch Café     Three Foods Cafe    Abruzzi     The VI  Baywood Golf Course

 Big Pete’s     Big Blue Café     La Trattoria     Brio Café     Brett Shuler’s Catering     Café Nooner     L's Kitchen  The Trailer

Redwood Empire Golf Course