Health Benefits

What are "grassfed" animal products? All of our ruminants raised in this country, including cattle, sheep, goats, and bison, are raised on pasture for the first months of their lives. Then the vast majority are transported to distant feedlots where they are "finished" on a grain-based diet. Typically, the animals are treated with a variety of drugs and feed additives to speed their production and to minimize the health problems that come from eating an artificial diet and living in stressful, crowded conditions. This is the type of meat that you find in virtually all grocery stores and restaurants.
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Grassfed cattle are raised free range on family ranches. Most cattle, even organic, are "finished" in confinement feedlots where they are fed grain instead of the natural growing grass they are designed to consume. Feeding cattle primarily grain, whether organically grown or not, compromises the health of the animal and reduces the levels of Omega-3, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), Vitamin E and the other nutritional benefits that are found in grassfed cattle.
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